Luxe Art Museum Profile

Just behind the busy streets of Orchard road in Singapore, The Luxe Art Museum occupies two floors of the newly-built Luxe building, with a total of six hundred square meters of exhibition space and state-of-the-art lighting and display facilities. Nestled amongst the neighborhood known as the ‘Art and Heritage district’, one will find the Singapore Art Museum, the National Museum of Singapore and the Istana within the vicinity. Just around the corner sits Emily Hill where a creative community resides and not far off in walking distance stands 2 reputable Art Institutions the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and the LASALLE College of the Arts.

In affiliation to Yisulang Art Gallery, the Luxe Art Museum aims to create awareness for the contemporary Chinese fine arts to bridge the stereotyped ideology that has erected a false barrier between traditionalism and modernism. This directional focus is to propel contemporary Chinese fine arts to the forefront of the art world across Southeast Asia and beyond; by building a representative permanent collection and exhibiting renowned art thus providing a platform for critical fine art research and debate.

The Yisulang Art Gallery has been very successful in bringing contemporary Chinese ink painting artists outside of China. The Gallery has established many close relations within the China art’s community such as artists, critics, academics, exhibitors and collectors; the Luxe Art Museum will be continuing to further expand and support these ‘artistic networks’. With this depth of experience and understanding of the artistic developments in China, it is the Museum’s mission to showcase both great masters and burgeoning artists.

In 2004, the Yisulang Art Gallery was proud have participated in an exhibition at the prestigious National Art Museum of China in Beijing. This Exhibition of New Freehand Chinese Ink Paintings by Invited Artists won acclaim from both academics and critics, as did the 2006 exhibition, Ink and Sex, at the Beijing Brewery (Jiuchang) International Art Complex.

The Luxe Art Museum thus enjoys an impressive heritage and a formidable reputation, dedicating its efforts to fostering and promoting Chinese art.